Introducing Dermis CHING CHING!

Dermis Boutique Ching Ching

Introducing Dermis CHING CHING!

Loyal customers deserves rewards, and Dermis Boutique is doing just that!

Introducing our new rewards program for our loyal customers – Dermis Ching Ching™. For every rand
(R1) you spend on our website ( you earn a point (“Dermis Ching Ching”).

You can now use Dermis Ching Ching while checking out as part of full payment for your products.

What you must know about Dermis Ching Ching

  • You will be able to accumulate Ching Ching to use on checkout.
  • 100 Dermis Ching Chings collected will give you R1 worth of cash value.
  • R100 spent on our website will give you 100 Dermis Ching Chings.
  • New customers are eligible for 5000 Ching Chings, which is equivalent to R50.

Dermis Ching Ching Terms & Conditions
By using your Reward Points you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Dermis Boutique
Reward Points loyalty program.

  • Dermis Boutique Reward Points are not transferrable and is issued to an individual for their sole
    use on our online store.
  • Dermis Ching Chings are only redeemable on
  • Points do not have a set expiry date, and can be used for as long as Dermis Boutique runs this
  • Dermis Boutique has the right to decide to terminate the program at any stage. Members will be
    notified via email and on our website
  • Dermis Boutique may deduct from the points balance in a members account any points credited
    in error and any points relating to a purchase which is canceled or reversed or where a refund is
  • Dermis Boutique may make changes at any time without prior notice to members to the terms
    and conditions and the reward point structure. Dermis Boutique will attempt to notify members
    of any changes but shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership without notice although such
    suspension or termination shall not be effected without appropriate justification.
  • Loyalty points cannot be used in conjunction with any sale or promotional item.
Why the wait? Login to your Dermis Boutique Account now and see your available points
The content of this page and terms of and conditions were last updated on 07 January 2021, 12:48 PM

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