Face Wash

Face Wash

How to wash your face according to your skin type?
Face washes essentially fall into three main categories:
1. Gel
2. Foam
3. Cream-based.

If your skin is Normal skin
Use foaming face wash, it exfoliates and hydrates your skin and keep it looking fabulous.

If you have Dry skin
Oily cleansers work best for dry skin. They leave the skin void of all impurities without further stripping it of essential natural oils.
Cleansing oils can help to hydrate your skin by assisting in the production of your skin’s natural oils. Unlike gel or cream cleansers, oily cleansers will instantly hydrate your dry

If you do not like the feeling of applying an oily cleanser to your face, thicker balms or moisturizing cleansers will give you the hydration of an oily cleanser while remaining
thicker in texture. These products naturally transform into a light cleansing oil.

If you have Oily skin
Gel formulas usually work well for skin types that are combination or oily as they help
clear excess sebum off the skin and leave it refreshed.

If you have a Combination skin
Use a water-based gel formula, they remove oil but still deliver a light form of hydration
that won’t clog pores.
Skin feels clean but not tight and dry.

If you have Sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, stay away from any sort of exfoliants or acids. Stick to hypoallergenic moisturizing face washes that are milky because they are lightweight.
Milky cleansers have less water and more nourishing ingredients, like fatty acids and
ceramides, to fill cracks.
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If you have acne prone skin
Use a cleanser that will help eliminate the blemishes, reduce the size of your pores, and
unclogs your pores without drying your face. The cleanser must contain low percentage
of salicylic acid and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate without stressing skin.

If you wear a lot of Make-up
Use cleansing oil, this formula breaks down the lipids in foundations, powders, and even
stubborn eye makeup. It also breaks down excess oils on your skin.

Oil dissolves oil, there is no scrubbing required, making cleansing oils both gentle and
effective at removing makeup.

If you have Red skin (Rosaceae)
Use micellar water to wash your face. This prevents too much product from landing on one spot and causing irritation. Use this as you would a toner; apply with a cotton pad, no
need to rinse