• You have an allergy-prone skin, if you have sensitive skin that easily turns red, breaks out into a rash, itches or becomes tender when the skin comes into direct contact with an irritant or allergen.
  • Genetics, environment, weather, hormones, hard water, and various products can all be the root of reactions in skin that’s prone to sensitivity.
  • The common culprits (irritant or allergen) are nickel, latex, perfumes, dyes, topical medications, and cosmetics.
  • Women are generally more likely to have allergic-prone skin, especially if they have delicate skin or are fair-skinned.
  • There isn’t really any treatment available against allergic-prone skin, one needs to avoid the allergens and use products for sensitive skin.

The choice of skincare products, including cleansers and moisturizers, are essential for people with allergy-prone skin. It is important to always choose quality products that are gentle, hypoallergenic and pH-balanced. Several products are specially formulated for allergic-prone skin.

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